14 aug. 2009

Some of the currently leading GOP opinions about their democratic elected President

If I was influenced by this gang of patriots I should have to ask some questions:

  1. Isn't it time to stop this dark rook in the White House by assassinating him?
  2. If he's too protected, can't we eliminate all fascist democrats, beginning with gays, abortionists, evolutionists, atheists and liberals until he is the only left over?
  3. Can't we assassinate all the blacks in America and non-white strangers that abort our supreme white culture until he is the only one left, hiding in his bunker, so, that we can frankly rape our daughters without getting AIDS?
  4. Who is "we the people" armed and prepared to defend our Constitution?

This is a strategy to "reclaim the land of the free!"

Yes, this is the strategy of the contemporary Republican Party, proudly and loudly led by Rush Limbaugh and humbly served by "Uncle Tom" Steele.

And are you black and a true believer of the message of Jesus you can strengthen you faith with another "uncle Tom":

That's enough for today, folks.
Thank God, I am an atheist.

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