14 aug. 2009

Rachel Maddow Investigates: Behind Looney-Right Obama smears? Think Willie Horton...

Peggy Noonan says: "Obama's health care plan must be terrible because no Republican supports it." Blue Texan reacts on Firedoglake:

Today, Nooners is quite alarmed to discover that the GOP opposes a Democratic President's health care reform.

The Obama White House has done the near impossible: It has united the Republican Party. Social conservatives, economic conservatives, libertarians—they're all against the health-care schemes as presented so far. They're shoulder-to-shoulder at the barricade again.

What? Republicans united against Obama? Unprecedented!

Looking back, a key domestic moment in this presidency occurred only eight days after his inauguration, when Mr. Obama won House passage of his stimulus bill. It was a bad bill—off point, porky and philosophically incoherent. He won 244-188, a rousing victory for a new president. But he won without a single Republican vote.

And just a reminder: when George W. Bush and the GOP were ramming through a $1.25 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, the lack of Democratic support wasn't cause for alarm. It was good.

This is the way it's supposed to be, with division sharp, clear and meaningful. There are two parties, and each believes in different things...It's a choice, not an echo.

Choices are out, echoes are in.

Well Peggy, can't you really get real? Face this:

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