11 feb. 2009

Three Republicans Not Mentaly Disabled!

There is enough opposition too; the whole plan is dep[ending on the support of that trio Republicans who feel the pressure from their partisan side.One of them is Arlen Specter and his office was stormed by Republican civilians, look after 4 minutes how deep their anger is.

Politico reported:
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) got into an on air spat Monday with prominent conservative radio host Laura Ingraham over his support for President Barack Obama’s $800 million stimulus package, ending with him telling Ingraham to “get off it.”
Responding to Specter’s Monday Washington Post op-ed announcing his support for the stimulus package, Ingraham asked the senator during an interview on her radio show to name a single conservative economist that supports the legislation.
After Specter named Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, Ingraham responded: “No. No. No.”
“Don’t even go down that road, I’m sorry,” she said, pointing out the Feldstein has supported the idea of a stimulus but criticized the bill being considered by the Senate.
“Just to be clear, you cannot name one conservative or free market economist who thinks this is the right way to go for our country. Can you, senator?” she asked.
“I did name one and you quarreled with me. I’m not going to go down that road again,” Specter responded. “You think you’re right and I think I’m right.”
“It’s a bitter pill,” he said of the stimulus, “but one I think that has to be swallowed.”
Ingraham then suggested that Specter is supporting the package because he has been “wined and dined at the White House,” saying that he gets “treated pretty well when you’re a Republican bucking other Republicans.”
“Oh, get off it Laura,” he responded. “I’m not drinking any wine at the White House and I don’t dine at the White House. If the president wants to talk to me, I talk to him. I make my own independent judgments, don’t give me this wine and dine baloney young lady.”

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