11 feb. 2009

How Far Can You Go Confronting Good Ratio?

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee warned supporters Tuesday that the $828 billion stimulus package is “anti-religious.”

In an e-mail that was also posted on his blog ahead of the Senate’s passage, Huckabee wrote: “The dust is settling on the ‘bipartisan’ stimulus bill and one thing is clear: It is anti-religious.”
The former Republican presidential candidate pointed to a provision in both the House and Senate versions banning higher education funds in the bill from being used on a “school or department of divinity.”
“You would think the ACLU drafted this bill,” Huckabee said. “For all of the talk about bipartisanship, this Congress is blatantly liberal.”
“Emily’s List, radical environmental groups, etc. all have a seat at the decision making table in Washington these days,” he continued. “Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are in charge and they are working with an equally ‘progressive’ President Obama (remember his voting record is more liberal than Ted Kennedy!).”
In the e-mail, Huckabee concedes that there is little that conservatives can do in the near term, but advocated mobilization to defeat those “masquerading as ‘conservative Democrats.’”
“This is the opening round of the Democrats’ campaign for big government,” he wrote. “We cannot afford to sit round one out, because if we do, they will only become more emboldened and their grab for power more audacious and damaging to our country and our freedoms.”
Watch Obama’s reaction to the Senate stimulus vote:

What Obama’s Stimulus Plan is all about is of course that Americans who became unemployed can go back to productive work again and others don’t lose their jobs. This especially in the fields of infra structure, clean energy, improvements in educations and health care and a lot more from which the American society as a whole can profit and what will gain back all the value and money by the time. In fact it is also major repairs what was in disrepair for long times and even at risks of lives.
To call this kind of spending wasteful spilling and oppose it by instead demanding large tax cuts for the 5% very rich, who own already 75% of all the American wealth, as the only and best way to fight the economic crisis and do nothing further ahead, nor regulate something; that’s the ridiculous policy of Republicans that invoked this crisis and will aggravate the pain to end in disaster.
In fact Obama’s case is easy to do better, because randomly doing something Republicans don’t want is always better, never mind how mad it can be. For example, bring all the money together and burn it, that’s not wise and good for nothing, but it can’t be even as disastrous as the policies of three out of the four preceding presidents.
Clinton inherited a mess from Reagan and Bush41, that fairy tale of “trickle down economics” what has failed and he fucked 24.2 million new jobs together and closed the gab of deficit, a policy which became immediately reversed by Bush43 and now they say that president Obama isn’t bi-partisan enough if he doesn’t proceed with the devastating Reagan-Bush-policy. A lot of people don’t notice that Obama is not practicing philosophy or following ideology, but simple acts in the interest of all the American people. It shows that to shamelessly call yourself a Republican, you can’t be else than deeply mental disabled or a declared enemy of the USA.
All right, we new that already before.

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