27 dec. 2008

Send Caroline Kennedy to Court of St. James?

It's what Steve Clemons posted December 26, 2008 in Huffington Post. Too early for Pointer's delicate taste. Delicate when it comes to Garoline, such a sweaty. How can you pass her while she want to become a humble Democratic Senator? Of course she is suited for the function of ambassador in the UK and of course that appointment should be very honorable, but Obama needs some persons who are absolutely 100% loyal in the Senate without any fear to lose their position for the next election and there has to be put some really independent and fresh blood in that Senate. Or does it all have to go how we are used to?
"I wish she had decided to enter the political fray via election rather than appointment." Steve writes.
George W. Bush and Richard Cheney abused this democracy, built an imperial presidency, emasculated Congress, launched an illicit war, spied in massive proportions on American citizens, authorized torture as a tool in interrogations. They ruined what "democracy" means in the eyes of many American citizens -- but also for many around the world who want to knock back their totalitarian governments and achieve some form of real democracy and self-determination.

To succeed the Bush era with a high profile appointment of the untested, iconic Caroline Kennedy does not bolster the Democratic Party's message that democracy at home needs to be rebuilt and revitalized.

Revitalize, yes, but can that only be done by the old fellows hardboiled politicians who come to the Senate at the end of decades of political practice, like a kind of remuneration? The problem is more simple. Didn't Gov Blago of Ill. say that you have to pay to play? That's the problem.
the New York Daily News writes:

Caroline Kennedy's supporters say she could raise tons of money as a senator, but when it comes to writing checks to New York Democrats, she's been largely AWOL. This decade, other than a $1,000 donation to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Camelot heiress has not financially supported any Democrat seeking city or state office in New York, records reveal.

Some say Kennedy, who is worth at least $100 million, missed an opportunity to curry favor among Democratic pols to establish herself as a serious political player as she lobbies Gov. Paterson for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

Pay to Play, that what matters and you can't explain that in London.
That has to change will the Brits have to say and that's what you also can say in New York and in Illinois.

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