14 nov. 2008

Yes, Rachel Maddow again. Now about Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Obama's Secretary of State? She, Rachel, can't believe it and neither does Pointer.
What Rachel not mentioned is that the Clintons are not tied but unbreakable chained with Mark J. Penn, the darkest evil in the Democratic Party. Ai, that bad? Yes indeed! Google in Wikipedia "Mark J. Penn" +Wiki and find the name of his firm. click on that firm's name in Wikipedia "Burson-Marsteller" and view the list of "notable clients". Done? Now you know two things: First you know why Hillary has to pay Penn 5 million dollars per month during her campaign and second you know why she is out of business on foreign affairs within Obama's cabinet. Remember that Hillary could not get rid of Mark Penn when he brought her campaign in a mess.
Hillary Secretary of State? No Way!
On domestic issues Penn does not matter, so, Hillary has other great possibilities, e.g. implementing universal health care. Ted Kennedy is back in his Senate's office hard working on it, perhaps mixing the best of ideas from Hillary and Barack with his own phenomenal legislative skills. That's the way to make history.