30 nov. 2008

To be or not to be.

This is very interesting in a spacial way: The guy on the left - you really don't have to know his name - doesn't know anything of Obama. Next you know what his thoughts are: He doesn't know if he is a muslim member of Al Qaeda and all the other things we - the reading community - all know about Obama, but he knows that Barack Obama is totally wrong on economics, because he is the problem and nothing else. Without Barack Obama the economy would have been very well in the USA and of course he had some help to invoke the economic disaster and those guys you will see in the next government. The Clinton administration has prepared the disaster, despite 24 millions new jobs and a balanced budget. Clinton made Bush43 and the Republican House's majority powerless and as soon as Obama proclaimed his candidacy, soon after the Democrats renewed their majority in the House, the bomb under the economy was ignited and the economy collapsed, just as the twin towers. Completely Al Qaeda style.

Of course this is only the beginning. After 20 January 2009 the USA will be a fundamentalist muslim state and all white people and colored christians will be killed immediately. Pointer's question is: what are you talking about? You live in a different world and you aspect to be very soon very happy in heaven with all your loved ones. So, what is the problem?