13 nov. 2008

McCain on Lieberman

With friends like McCain, who needs Democrats! Last night on Leno, McCain fawned over Lieberman in a nauseating display of affection. When Leno asked McCain whether Lieberman's unbridled support for him during the election will cost Lieberman his chairmanship on the Homeland Security Committee, McCain said, "I hope not...on national security issues, he’s really, really good."

Really, really good?

Are we talking about the same Lieberman who voted against banning waterboarding and refused to say whether it consituted torture? The same Lieberman who fear-mongered about Iran, claiming the United States must bomb them because they represent an "existential threat" to Israel and the United States? The same Lieberman who has staunchly backed Bush's war in Iraq every step of the way and even linked it to 9/11? The same Lieberman who refused to investigate Blackwater or any other war profiteer, even after the mercenary firm killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square? (As Think Progress reveals in their detailed report, the list goes on and on.)

McCain must have meant that when it comes to national security issues, Lieberman is "really, really good" to the Republican neocons who share his hawkish views.

Lieberman has abused his power in the Democratic caucus. That's why we're asking the Senate Democratic Steering Committee to take his gavel away. You can take action by calling the Senators on this committee today and telling them that Lieberman Must Go!