6 jun. 2008

Strong Evidence Against Weak Fantasies About IX-XI

The tragic event of 9/11 was an inside job. There is strong evidence to assure this statement beyond any doubt, but the position of researchers and scientists who produced the evidential diggings is heavily undermined by concurrent fantasies and spiritism, leading to a mass of conspiracies, some very hard to believe, some total out of touch with reality or proven untrue.
All conspiracy theorists are driven by fear.
The core of their fear is the real existence of a group of neocons with the pursuit of a New World Order under their supra-national control and reality is, that a fraction of this neoconservative movement, the self-called Vulcans, dominate the administrations of Bush41 and Bush 43 with Dick Cheney as a kind of godfather of the neocons. This group is suspected to plan and realize the 9/11 operations to achieve a Pearl Harbour effect in order to make the public opinion ready by perception management or so-called mind control to start large-scaled wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran. The suspicions are very convincing, but have to be proved in the way of justice and law.
The dogma of the conspiritists is that any form of international discussion and cooperation, out of sight as behind closed doors, but even not secret, is part of the neoconservative strategy, towards the supra-national New World Order and that can’t be true. It can’t be true because of the lack of unity and the existence of concurrent interests between several governmental, non-governmental and business parties in the Real World’s political theatre. Most politicians and business leaders in the world are strongly opposing the principles of the neocons. The neocons are as unrealistic dreamers as the conspiritists are. The platform of the neocons is supposed to be the United Nations, so not the USA administration where they are in charge yet.
This is very clear absolutely untrue and endless away from reality. Are we from the same planet? That’s also the question in circles of conspiritists, but they are very serious about the alleged evidence that extra-terranians or their helpers are ruling or infiltrating our world and so we enter the magic spheres of UFO’s and crop-circles, the modern variation of solipsism.
Well, you have moderate conspiritists and extreme ones, but they all are damaging the message of true reality, that the tragic event of 9/11 was an inside job and a false flag, which by almost all conspiritists became subscribed. Dear Yo, deliver us from that evil conspiritists.
False flag operations are not a new invention of the neocons to start a war. The planned Operation Northwoods rejected by J. F. Kennedy is a known example, designed to start a war against Cuba. Earlier, US President Roosefelt did not use foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbour attack to bring the fleet at sea in defensible position and gained the way of opportunity to take part in the war. But the most deeply encroached false flag operation is the 9/11 disaster and it is the most characteristic one with all the trimmings and a lot of fuss.
Of course conspiritists hurled themselves on the issue, but that does not mean that the conspiracy is all nonsense as the most ideas of die hard conspiritists. The problem is, that conspiritists use not sufficient proven evidence to claim the truth and if serious scientists and experts do that with more serious work, the idea of a conspiracy, false flag operation or inside job is already contaminated with the wildest fantasies and a lot of fantastic consequences, out of touch with reality.

We know and we can prove that the Twintowers came down by explosives and we know and can prove that WTC #7 the same day was pulled by controlled demolition. We also know that the cell phone calls from planes to the ground were not possible at the time, so it is faked and we know that no Boeing attacked the Pentagon. We can prove that and the evidence is overwhelming and scientific confirmed. There is also overwhelming indisputable evidence that the administration hides the truth and is involved in an large-scale cover-up operation. The self-named Vulcans is a group of neocons which is dominating present in the administration of Bush43 needed an attack like Pearl Harbour to drive their policies through in the direction of their goals, world dominance by war.
In a set of short articles with links to other sources this blog will provide you with the serious and proven evidence on the base of facts and science.