15 apr. 2008

Do You Think: Is Barack Obama Honest?

Since a few days Pointer is in discussion on an American forum called Repptide and he doesn’t know what that means: ReppTide? You tell me. It’s good for practice to train writing in English language and the issues are in shape for Pointer’s interests. Meet the people you need!
Well, you need opponents for a discussion, isn’t it?
There are they and also allies, pretty folks with brains and humour. There are polls in which you can answer with Yes/No and place a comment. Look for yourself: One of the questions is “Do you think Barack Obama is honest?
My answer was “Yes” like 618 of 925 users had voted before me. Then you go to the comments, if exist. First from above was Mr. Dickson – posted on April 7, 2008.
To my JEWS brothers who are miss-informed about Obama. I want to tell you that it is ridiculous trying to hang Obama with what another man "Rev. Wright" said. More-so, it is contrary to our ideology and believe that states thus "Do to others what you'll want them do to you". The truth remains that every Jewish man like me, talks about the holocaust with real grievances. If we do so, then it will be an injustice for us to say "hang Rev. Wright" for talking about the blacks past tragic experiences in America. We all know how America maltreated blacks and even kill them in a crude way than ordinary animals. Just like what Germans did to our fathers in the holocaust. SALAMAT, I want you to know that you are making an indignant, ambiguous and inflammatory statements. More-so, you can say that you'll not vote for OBAMA not that the Jews will not vote for him. Because there are many Jews already voting for him. Everyman has his own opinion. Here is your statement that sounds like Rev. wrights statement "They Germans paid for their sins because my family stuck bayonets in their stomachs in 1944. The German Nation has paid extensive reparations for these crimes to the families of the Jewish, Serbs and Gypsy victims of these crimes",. Is there any different from why you made this statement and why Rev. Wright made his own statement of "God damn America for the black innocent blood that was shedded"? I need an answer from you.
We all know much about the past. But what we need right now in America is to grow up above the past. The only easy way to address the past is to vote Obama. If you sincerely look into America right now, you will be able to predict the future - where the terrorist will spring up from inside of America and from Americans themselves - with all these economic mayhem. I'm not trying to be sentimental. Somebody like OBAMA is whom we need right now to calm the tempo down from every ramification both within and outside of USA.

Next is a figure who knows that Obama meets harsh opposition under a few Jews on the forum and other people who loudly preach that Barack Obama is a liar and with the first answer he is hitting the mark. It is salamat4 and Pointer was also in discussion with this guy, who lives in Hannover, Germany. He is Jewish and talks very often about Obama as a liar and a anti-Semitic racist.
Dear dickson,
Your comments about Obama are 9 months out of date and totally inappropriate for an American of the Jewish faith at this time to make.

I am the father of the 12th generation descended from Bal shem Tov. My Mother in Law's family were almost 100% murdered in the Holocaust. Most of the members of my father in law's Bal shem Tov family were murdered in the Holocaust.

My mother in Law, Anna Bella Geiger, read Dreams From My father and she compares it to Mein Kampff. Her opinion is that Obama's anti-Semitic racism is a far bigger threat to all Jews in America than Hitler's racism contained in Mein Kampff,

Voting Obama in the opinion of every American Jew that we know who have read and comprehended the racism dripping from every page of Dreams From My Father is inviting the start of an American Holocaust!

Obama has a number of notorious anti-Semitic advisers on his campaign team. General McPeak is a good example of that along with Obama's long term Spiritual Adviser, the anti-Semitic preacher Jeremiah Wright.

Obama has only denounced those anti-Semitic Wright sermons that the media has questioned after they questioned them. Obama refused publicly to denounce the anti-Semite, Jeremiah Wright. Wright is a friend and close ally of the anti-Semitic Black Muslim leader Farrakhan.

I recommend that you read and comprehend the racism and racial hatred that is dripping from every page of Dreams From My Father that do not talk of the mundane details of Obama's life. Then please spread the Truth about Obama to all other Jews. Especially the anti-Semitic racism and anti white racism of Obama that disqualifies him totally from ever being President of the USA.

That book is also a warning of a pending new Holocaust in the USA if Obama would ever gets elected. That is why no Jew in America will be voting for Obama in November with the exception of Jews who have a strong death wish.

Glenn Cole
100% service connected disabled retired
Lt. Colonel, Army of the United States

You have to visit the site and read all the answers because the discussion is mixed end Dickson is very good, real cool, but this salamat4 goes totally mad. A small part of it:
The restraint on Hitler's power by the Reichstag that the Jews of Germany had depended on was destroyed in less than one month after Hitler bcame Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

How many of the Jews who died in Nazi concentration camps had voted for Adolph Hitler in the election of 1933 with the same argument that Dickson is again arguing, that the Reichstag would control Hitler?

Obama would take power on 20 January 2009. How long would it take Obama to destroy the Senate and the House and to seize absolute dictatorial power? Will he be able to do that in one month or will that take him longer than it took Adolph Hitler?

I have met our black Jewish brothers living in Ethiopia. They have the right to immigrate to Israel and many of them have exercised that right. They are not Africans, they are Jews and proud of it just like all Sephardic Jews are proud of being Jews even though they have dark colored skin.

Obama being voted into power would start a racial hatred regime like what America has never before experienced.

The millions of blacks who have rejected Obama's deceit and his theology that condemns black believers to failure, have become the best witnesses against Obama and what he is and the great evil of the black as victim that he is trying to sell to every real African American.

Dickson, I suggest you read the writings and speeches of all of the numerous African American opponents of Obama: Michael Steele, Michelle Malkin, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Juan Williams etc.,etc.,etc., who have all decisivelly rejected the theology of the black as victim of Obama and Jeremiah Wright. Their success proves that that Victim Theology is wrong and is a great evil designed to hold blacks back and depend on government handouts from Obama.
Glenn Cole
100% service connected disabled retired
Lt. Colonel, Army of the United States

The discussion goes on and Pointer will not write directly to this guy but could not wait to write the nest comment, posted on April 15, 2008:
I can not get any trace of racism or anti-Semitism in the works and words of Barack Obama and I also read the books of Barack, know about his legislature record, because I became very interested in this political phenomenon after hearing and rereading his speech on the Democratic Convention of 2004. I saw immediately his capacity to overcome the political crisis which George W. Bush should bring in the world, because I opposed the war in Iraq too from before the beginning on the same arguments and values. As a Dutchman I want to see Americans as liberators and trusted allies, but I was disappointed when our government gave political support to the war, while they knew Colin Powell was lying on the issues of WMD's, the connection Saddam/Al-Qaeda and the thread to Saudi-Arabia (an army along the border but Photoshopped on a Google-map). Sure I'm glad Saddam is finished, because he was a thread against Kurds and Israel and he supported Palestinian terrorists. So, let's kill him and some more of his kind and get out of the place. The same is to do with Al-Qaeda, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Hamas. Democracy is a self-help organisation. You can not order it, nor buy it, nor sell or export it. I am not a softy and Obama is not either. We don't speak or shake hands with terrorists. But the President of a nation has to speak with hostile presidents of hostile nations. That's an obligation of power. Don't be shy.
Telling the truth is not easy in politics. There are salamat1, salamat2, salamat3 and at this very moment there is salamat4 and a lot more. No wonder, because they scatter all over the place, liars of all kinds and all races. Some of them are racists and as a Jew, I am very sad to conclude there are still also Jewish racists, who even can not make a stand for the truth and against real racism. I thought the embarrassing last one was Bobby Fisher. I shall never believe that a 100% service connected disabled retired Lt. Colonel in the Army of the United States, has to be re-educated about the issue that no President of the United States ever should be able to plan and execute a Holocaust in the USA against any race. So it is evil talk and a lie to scare people. He has no quotes and no arguments too. The best thing to do is view Obama's full speech about race + transcript on his website and to view the six parts of Michelle Obama speaking in Delaware.

You have to know you next President and your next First Lady and be proud, fearless Americans, trusted again as allies!
Shame on all liars and damn all racists.
Have a good day and claim you seat at the table of democracy. ENDOFPOST

Further reading leads to my last quote on the same salamat4:
As susanaldridge has informed you I am in a hospital being operated on because of a US Army connected tumor located behind my skull cap just below my brain. This situation results on the one thing concentration susan talks to you about.

But is brain damage the issue or the question: “Do you think Barack Obama is honest?” I mean, shall we kill Barack Obama, because of a pity with salamad4’s illness and how can 2 cancer lesions be military related as he said his disability is?

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